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Re: expansion after =?

On Wed, 02 Jul 2003 18:39:32 +0100
Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Seth Kurtzberg wrote:
> > Is there a configuration parameter or option that enables path completion aft
> > er equals, for example, export ENVVAR=/some/path/name?  I've been using zsh f
> > or some months now, and this is the only thing that bash does that I find mis
> > sing in zsh.  But perhaps the behavior can be turned on in some way?
> If you are using the new completion system (autoload -U compinit;
> compinit) then this will work automatically.  The old completion system
> didn't have this built in, though you could use compctl to enable it;
> you don't say what version of zsh you are using, but if it is 4.x you
> are likely to get far better results with the new system.

Thanks much.  I'm using 4.0.6, so I have the new features.  I'm going to update to 4.0.7 just in case.  Or, would you suggest the development release?

With 4.0.6, the old completion system is used by default if I don't do the autoload sequence above?

> You might also be interested in the option MAGIC_EQUAL_SUBST; this forces
> ~'s to be expanded after any ='s.

Yes, that will also be helpful.

Again, thanks for an outstanding software tool.

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