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Re: bck-search in vicmd is not thinking vi-style

On Wed, Apr 07, 2010 at 11:55:17AM -0400, Maryam wrote:
> 10:56 < glphvgacs> ft: hi, while user isearches in vicmd mode; is it
> possible to hit some key (tab?) to run through the possible hits
> (something like menu-completion)?
> 11:22 < glphvgacs> a key for reapeating bck-i-search that is not
> emac-style i.e. '^r'
> 11:24 < Mikachu> you can bind keys in the isearch keymap
> 11:24 < Mikachu> if that helps
> 11:27 < glphvgacs> Mikachu: I have this bindkey -M vicmd 'f'
> history-incremental-search-backward
> 11:27 < Mikachu> obviously you can't use f in isearch since i assume
> you want to be able to type f
> 11:27 < glphvgacs> but that's just to start isearch
> 11:27 < Mikachu> but you could try bindkey -M isearch '^I'
> history-incremental-search-backward
> 11:32 < glphvgacs>  vimperator guys have a nice feature to open a
> location; user hits 'o' and starts typing then user gets a list of
> possible completions and then (here is the good part) user can <tab>
> through the results. i don't think i can search for <tab> in my search
> history so having that key doing nothing during bck-search and then
> introducing an extra key to hold (in the case of '^r' or as you
> suggested '^I') seems redundant, i think
> 11:34 < glphvgacs> i mean then whole idea of going vicmd to me at
> least to to get rid of that extra '^' in emacs, to thing vi as opposed
> to emacs, right?
> 11:34 < Mikachu> ^I is tab
> 11:34 -!- bapt is now known as aigrbapt
> 11:34 < glphvgacs> nice
> 11:34 < Mikachu> it took me a while to realize that isn't immediately
> obvious to everyone
> 11:36 < glphvgacs> so empty line + ^I brings up  bck-search
> 11:36 < glphvgacs> i was thinking I as in Increment
> 11:36 < glphvgacs> thnx
> 11:36 < Mikachu> after going into the searhc mode, pressing tab should
> be the same as pressing ctrl-r again in emacs mode
> 11:37  * Mikachu disappears
> 11:37 < glphvgacs> yeah, not really
> 11:38 < glphvgacs> it doesn't do what i wanted but still a nice touch
> Can someone help me figure this out? thnx.


bindkey -M vicmd    "f" history-incremental-search-backward
bindkey -M isearch "^I" history-incremental-search-backward

Seems to do what you want.

best regards
Thor Andreassen

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