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Re: idea of zsh feature

Zefram wrote:
> Rene Rideau wrote:
> >* Ideally, could it be possible to have a zsh-server,
> > with all configuration read that would just fork on a new console?
> The new `clone' module can do this.  With a couple of enhancements, it
> could be very useful for purposes like this.

I was thinking about this and got as far as writing an xtermclone script.
The big problem seems to be xterm needs to fork its own process while
the zsh process needs to be forked from the old one.  This means you need
another sentinel process for the xterm which is a bit ugly.  Also, with
zsh as it stands it's hard to get that sentinel process to pause cleanly;
if that's going to be a common problem it would be worth adding a (trivial)
pause builtin to the module.

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