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zsh-announce and zsh-list at new location

Rick is allowing me to take over the mailing list
zsh-announce and zsh-list.  I've moved them to my
site.  Here are the new addresses:


  This is what was zsh-announce@xxxxxxxxxxxx.  Currently this list
  is configured so that only I can make submissions.  This is to
  prevent stray messages going out.  If you have a need to submit to
  this list, I can add you to the list of addresses that this list
  will accept submissions.


  This is a new list for users questions.  Currently it doesn't
  have anyone on it, but some people on zsh-workers may want to
  switch to this one.


  This is what was zsh-list@xxxxxxxxxxxx.  This is for people
  working on zsh code, but this list will remain open to anyone
  who is interested.

It is only necessary to be on one list, since they are
nested.  All submissions to zsh-announce also go to
zsh-users.  All submissions to zsh-users also go to

These lists are run under SmartList rather than Majordomo,
so the procedures to subscribe/unsubscribe are slightly
different.  To subscribe/unsubscribe, you sent a mail
message to the above address with a -request added.  In other
words, to subscribe to zsh-announce@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, you would
send a mail message to zsh-announce-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
with a SUBJECT of "subscribe e-mail-address" (without the

It may take a couple of days for things to settle down.  Also
I'm still working on archiving of list submissions and such.
Eventually, archives of the mailing lists will automatically be
put in my ftp server.

If anyone has any problems, just let me know.

Richard Coleman            pgp key (keyID 0x71FB29E1) at key servers (or)
zsh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (and)  send me e-mail with subject "get pgp key"
coleman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    for automatic response.

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