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Announcement: Zsh mailing lists moved

The Zsh mailing lists have moved.

The Zsh mailing lists: zsh-announce / zsh-users / zsh-workers have
been generously hosted by sunsite.dk/dotsrc.org for over ten years.
Dotsrc's focus has changed and the Zsh mailing lists have found a new
home at zsh.org.

Subscribers to the lists @sunsite.dk/dotsrc.org are now subscribed
to the same lists at @zsh.org

The addresses for posting are
    zsh-announce@xxxxxxx  (Moderated announcements)
    zsh-users@xxxxxxx     (General user mailing list)
    zsh-workers@xxxxxxx   (Development list)

The lists are still nested so people subscribed to zsh-users also receive
postings to zsh-announce.  People subscribed to zsh-workers also receive
postings to zsh-announce and zsh-users.

As I will be managing the lists, please direct any problems or queries
to me: gcw@xxxxxxx

Thank you,

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