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Re: Zsh as /bin/sh on Linux?

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff "Obik" Epler <jepler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Jeff> A bigger problem (IMO) than worrying about odd sh compatibilities when
Jeff> using (trying to use) zsh as /bin/sh under Linux, is all the
Jeff> dependancies on Bash featurisms, since bash is the /bin/sh on most
Jeff> Linux systems.

Jeff> No, I don't know any particulars -- I've just heard the folks on IRC
Jeff> bitch from time to time that this-and-such package (written on Linux)
Jeff> says #!/bin/sh and needs bash.

Jeff> OTOH, I've been using zsh (dynamically linked, but in /sbin) as root's
Jeff> shell for quite some time.  Since the /bin/sh that account had
Jeff> formerly was also dynamically linked, I don't feel like I lost any
Jeff> safety net...

Thanks for all the responses.  I'd love to run a vanilla, small, real
sh as /bin/sh, but that does not appear to be an option.  Replacing
bash with zsh as a root login sounds feasible, although I'm going to
replace beta13 with the beta13-hzoli12 version before I attempt that

steve@xxxxxxxxxxxx baur

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