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Re: Zsh as /bin/sh on Linux?

> Does anyone have any experience running zsh as /bin/sh on Linux?

My biggest problem with zsh is that it can often take quite a while to
start up.  Granted, I have a pretty long .zshenv and even longer .zshrc,
but waiting those extra seconds can add up, especially if a shell script
has lots of subprocesses, each of which requires a new shell.
Of course, the default under Linux, bash, is not much smaller, so unless
you want to go and get a real /bin/sh replacement it probably doesn't
matter much.

The main concern, if you want to go writing shell scripts for others to
use, is to not use any of zsh's extra features, because they will break
spectacularly on computers that don't have zsh.  In which case - why
bother using zsh at all?

> Alternatively, how about using /bin/zsh as the root login shell?

Personally I keep root using bash, mainly because bash is relatively
incomvenient compared to zsh, so I'm not tempted to do anything complex
as root . . .

Tim Pickett                                     tlm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
"You gotta bat your eyes - like this."         tbp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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