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Re: GNUS as user interface to INN (ctlinnd) (forwarded from Jochen Hayek)

another successful zsh referral...gb

------- start of forwarded message (RFC 934 encapsulation) -------
From: Jochen Hayek <Jochen_Hayek@xxxxxxx>
To: glenn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: GNUS as user interface to INN (ctlinnd)
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 17:02:37 +0100

>>>>> On Tue, 30 Jan 1996 05:41:57 -0500,
>>>>> Glenn Barry
>>>>> from the organization of Emory University, Dept of Math and CS
>>>>> who can be reached at: glenn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>> (whose comments are cited below with "    GB> "),
>>>>> had this to say in article <199601301041.FAA02381@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>>> concerning the subject of Re: GNUS as user interface to INN (ctlinnd)
>>>>> (see <m2pwc5hh7y.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> for more details)

    GB> hi,

    GB> i've done something like you ask for but not inside emacs (yes,
    GB> i'm a bit of heretic :)...

    GB> it's for zsh, which has a prog interface for cmdline cmds ...

That kind of feature is something I was looking for for a long time,
I met it with several non-UNIX command line interpreters,
but not yet with a UNIX shell.

    GB> when i type "ctlinnd <tab>" it gives me all the allowable options like
    GB> so:

    GB> glenn@cssun:pts/18% ctlinnd  <tab>                        /src/local/misc/Python-1.3
    GB> begin        flush        mode         pause        reserve      throttle
    GB> changegroup  go           name         readers      rmgroup      trace
    GB> drop         help         newgroup     reload       shutdown
    GB> glenn@cssun:pts/18% ctlinnd reload  <tab>                 /src/local/misc/Python-1.3
    GB> active         history        newsfeeds
    GB> all            hosts.nntp     overview.fmt
    GB> glenn@cssun:pts/18% ctlinnd reload     


    GB> zsh is the most feature filled sh derived shell so it's worth checking
    GB> out ... if you need the zsh meta-faq, let me know...

It just installed my Linux-slackware-zsh-2.4.306,
stepped through the (GNU-)info file, ...,
unpacked the sources of zsh-2.6.beta12,
printed intro.ms
(got lots of a special kind of warning)

    intro.ms:78: warning: missing number
    intro.ms:100: warning: missing number
    intro.ms:119: warning: missing number
    intro.ms:134: warning: missing number
    intro.ms:142: warning: missing number
    intro.ms:149: warning: missing number
    intro.ms:179: warning: missing number
    intro.ms:191: warning: missing number

and I think I information for now,
but I'm interested in your innd interface.

    GB> glenn

Thank's a lot for pointing me to zsh!


------- end -------

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