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Re: A peep into the future.

> 	if you say "foo > Important_file", zsh checks to see if there
> 	is anything on the stdout of foo, if not (say foo is
> 	non-existent), zsh leaves the Imp_file as it is.

Not a good idea. Sometimes I use this to clear a (temporary) file.
You can set NO_CLOBBER. But sometimes it is not sufficient, e.g.
one use >| then one types a wrong file name. So I'd prefer to have
an automatical backup, e.g. "Important_file" is renamed to

> 2.  mount/umount is a shell builtin which simulates working with
>     virtual filesystems e.g. ftpfs, tarfs, libfs, memfs.

(and zipfs)

This would be great! I'm used to RiscOS (on Acorn) with its "image
filing systems". Here it would be limited to the shell, but still
very useful.

Same kind of ideas:

I'd like also something like name directories but with paths, e.g.
instead of having only one directory associated with a name, one
has a list of directories (like with =command).

The '=' meaning could be command-dependent (like completions). The
default behavior could be the current one, and other meanings can
be defined, so that for instance one can type:

elm -f =folder

where elm_path=(~/Mail1 ~/Mail2) or something like that...

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