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> That a really obscure way of using if.  It is almost equivalent to the
> [[ <condition> ]] && echo abc

I hadn't thought about this construct, and the man pages didn't make
me think about it (but I should read other scripts more often).

> construct.  Do we really need the above syntax?  This syntax is not

I've updated my scripts.

Now here's another bug:

I type:
echo $ZSH_
then I type TAB 3 times. Here's what I get:

Allo? echo $ZSH_
Allo? echo $ZSH_NAMEBUG: permanent allocation in parsestr
BUG: permanent allocation in prefork                                        VERSION

My set options are:
appendhistory autocd autolist automenu autoparamslash autopushd
autoremoveslash cdablevars correct correctall cshnullglob extendedglob
hashcmds hashdirs hashlistall histignoredups histignorespace histverify
interactive listambiguous listtypes noclobber nohistbeep nohup nolistbeep
notify numericglobsort pathdirs printexitvalue pushdignoredups pushdtohome
rcexpandparam rcquotes shinstdin sunkeyboardhack

Vincent Lefevre.

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author