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Can this be done?

I have been using zsh for a couple of years now, and am hopelessly hooked.
One thing has always bothered me though.  I used to have a ksh function
that buried the value of $DISPLAY, $LINES, and $COLUMNS in the TERM
variable before calling rlogin or rsh.  The .profile would then strip them
back out on the other end.  I can accomplish the second part in zsh, but I
cannot figure out how to modify the TERM variable of the rsh command
without a complaint from zsh.  I have resorted to a bourne shell script to
do this, but would like to do it inside zsh if possible.

If I do this command in zsh:

TERM="$TERM%$DISPLAY" rlogin -8 otherhost

I get this error message before the login:

zsh: can't find termcap info for xterm%myhost:0.0

I correct the value successfully on the other end with this line in my

[[ "$TERM" = *%* ]] && eval export $(print "$TERM"|sed \
                       's|^\(.*\)%\(.*\)$|TERM=\1 DISPLAY=\2|')

Is it possible to turn off this error message or should I continue to use
the bourne shell script to accomplish the task?

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 Email: Lee.Eakin@xxxxxxxxxxx (on loan to: Lee.Eakin@xxxxxx (TI,PAC))

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