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compctl question (zsh-2.6beta20)


	I'm having a bit of trouble getting a compctl the way I want it for 
cpio - what I have now is:
compctl -x 'p[1,1]' -k '(-iamcd -iamcdt -iamcdv -moldc -moldcv -dump )' - \
   'C[-1,(-iamcd|-iamcdt|-iamcdv)]' -g '*(-/)' + -g '*.cpio' -P '-I ' - \
   'c[-1,-dump]' -g '*(-/)' - 'W[1,(-moldc|-moldcv)]' -g '*(-/) -P '-O ' \
   -- cpio gcpio
which almost does what I want it to.  The problem is that if I type, eg:

cpio -m<tab> ~/al<tab>/sr<tab>/<tab>

it expands to:

cpio -moldc -O -O -O ~/alad/src/sys/

ie. it is prepending an '-O' for _each_ pathname completion, which is not at 
all what I want.  I can see why this is the case, but can't figure out how to 
prepend exactly one '-O' to the pathnames if the 1st argument is -moldc (also, 
why does this _not_ happen with completions on '-iamcd' ?  Is it because 
the -P binds to the *.cpio rule, not the entire completion?).  Could I instead 
have the '-O' postpended to the '-moldc' completion?

Any suggestions?

BTW, this is zsh 2.6beta20 on SCO OpenServer 5 if it matters (it shouldn't).

Blessed be,

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