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another compctl question


	I'm attempting to make a compctl for a command (scoadmin) that has 
arguments (case insensitive) that look like:
SCOadmin Event Logs Manager
Security Profile Manager
SNMP Agent Manager
Software Manager
Sysadmsh Legacy

What I would like is to be able to type 'scoadmin sec<tab>' and get 'scoadmin 
security profile manager', or 'scoadmin "security profile manager"', but I'm 
having much difficulty gettting the options into an array w/o word splitting on 
the options.  What I have now (that doesn't work) is:

compctl -k ("`scoadmin -t | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]' | \
            awk '{printf(\"\\"%s\\" \",
$0}'`") scoadmin
Entering 'scoadmin <tab>' lists:

\"scoadmin  \"snmp      \"sysadmsh  event       logs        profile
\"security  \"software  agent       legacy\"    manager\"

as completions, which isn't too useful...

Any ideas? (This is zsh-2.6beta20 on SCO OpenServer 5, BTW)

Blesssed be,

Adam Paul - adamp@xxxxxxx (work), apaul@xxxxxxx (home)
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