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MH command completion

Now is probably a good time to send the latest version of my
zsh completion commands and functions for use with MH.

Major differences from the version in Misc/compctl-examples include

- more MH commands handled
- fixed a bug that array arguments spanning more than one line thought
  newline was a possible completion (use "" instead of '' when
  spanning newlines)
- mhfseq expanded so that
  - if you have e.g. '+zsh <TAB>' it will complete sequences in +zsh
    (N.B. folder must be previous argument, parsing too hard otherwise)
  - message numbers are completed too (but not ranges --- possible upgrade)
    (yes, it uses <->, not <>)
- mhfile looks for MH forms etc. in the right places.

I can't remember why I added the final + argument to inc; probably it
shouldn't really be there.

# Various MH completions by Peter Stephenson
# You may need to edit where it says *Edit Me*.

# The following three functions are best autoloaded.
# mhcomp completes folders (including subfolders),
# mhfseq completes sequence names and message numbers,
# mhfile completes files in standard MH locations.

function mhcomp {
  # Completion function for MH folders.
  # Works with both + (rel. to top) and @ (rel. to current).
  set -x
  local nword args pref char mhpath
  read -nc nword
  read -cA args


  # The $(...) here accounts for most of the time spent in this function.
  if [[ $char = + ]]; then
  #    mhpath=$(mhpath +)
  # *Edit Me*: use a hard wired value here: it's faster.
  elif [[ $char = @ ]]; then

  eval "reply=($mhpath/$pref*(N-/))"

  # I'm frankly amazed that this next step works, but it does.

mhfseq() {
  # Extract MH message names and numbers for completion.  Use of the
  # correct folder, if it is not the current one, requires that it
  # should be the previous command line argument.  If the previous
  # argument is `-draftmessage', a hard wired draft folder name is used.

  local folder foldpath words pos nums
  read -cA words
  read -cn pos

  # Look for a folder name.
  # First try the previous word.
  if [[ $words[$pos-1] = [@+]* ]]; then
  # Next look and see if we're looking for a draftmessage
  elif [[ $words[$pos-1] = -draftmessage ]]; then
    # *Edit Me*:  shortcut -- hard-wire draftfolder here
    # Should really look for a +draftfolder argument.
  # Else use the current folder ($folder empty)

  if [[ $folder = +* ]]; then
  # *Edit Me*:  use hard-wired path with + for speed.
    foldpath=$(mhpath $folder)

  # Extract all existing message numbers from the folder.
  # If that worked, look for marked sequences.
  # *Edit Me*: if you never use non-standard sequences, comment out
  # or delete the next three lines.
  if (( $#nums )); then
    nums=($nums $(mark $folder | awk -F: '{print $1}'))

  # *Edit Me*:  `unseen' is the value of Unseen-Sequence, if it exists;
  set -A reply next cur prev first last all unseen $nums


mhfile () {
  # Find an MH file; for use with -form arguments and the like.
  # Use with compctl -K mhfile.

  local mhfpath file
  # *Edit Me*:  Array containing all the places MH will look for templates etc.
  mhfpath=(~/Mail /usr/local/lib/MH)

  # Emulate completeinword behaviour as appropriate
  local wordstr
  if [[ -o completeinword ]]; then

  if [[ $1$2 = */* ]]; then
    # path given: don't search MH locations
    eval "reply=($wordstr(.N))"
    # no path:  only search MH locations.
    eval "reply=(\$mhfpath/$wordstr(.N:t))"

# Note: you must type the initial + or @ of a folder name to get
# completion, even in places where only folder names are allowed.
# Abbreviations for options are not recognised.  Hit tab to complete
# the option name first.
compctl -K mhfseq -x 's[+][@]' -K mhcomp -S / -q - \
  's[-]' -k "(all fast nofast header noheader help list nolist \
  pack nopack pop push recurse norecurse total nototal)" -- folder
compctl -K mhfseq -x 's[+][@],c[-1,-draftfolder] s[+][@]' \
  -K mhcomp -S / -q - 'c[-1,-draftmessage]' -K mhfseq - \
  'C[-1,-(editor|whatnowproc)]' -c - \
  's[-]' -k "(draftfolder draftmessage nodraftfolder editor noedit \
  file form use nouse whatnowproc nowhatnowproc help)" - \
  'c[-1,-form]' -K mhfile -- comp
compctl -K mhfseq -x 's[+][@]' -K mhcomp -S / -q - \
  's[-]' -k "(audit noaudit changecur nochangecur form format \
  file silent nosilent truncate notruncate width help)" - \
  'C[-1,-(audit|form)]' -K mhfile - 'c[-1,file]' -f + -- inc
compctl -K mhfseq -x 's[+][@]' -K mhcomp -S / -q - \
  's[-]' -k "(sequence add delete list public nopublic zero nozero help)" -- \
compctl -K mhfseq -x 's[+][@]' \
  -K mhcomp -S / -q - 'c[-1,-file]' -f - 'c[-1,-rmmprov]' -c - \
  's[-]' -k "(draft link nolink preserve nopreserve src file \
  rmmproc normmproc help)" -- refile
compctl -K mhfseq -x 's[+][@]' \
  -K mhcomp -S / -q - 'c[-1,-draftmessage]'  -K mhfseq -\
  's[-]' -k "(annotate noannotate cc nocc draftfolder nodraftfolder \
  draftmessage editor noedit fcc filter form inplace noinplace query \
  noquery width whatnowproc nowhatnowproc help)" - 'c[-1,(cc|nocc)]' \
  -k "(all to cc me)" - 'C[-1,-(filter|form)]' -K mhfile - \
  'C[-1,-(editor|whatnowproc)]' -c -- repl
compctl -K mhfseq -x 's[+][@]' -K mhcomp -S / -q - \
  's[-]' -k "(clear noclear form format header noheader reverse noreverse \
  file help width)" - 'c[-1,-file]' -f - 'c[-1,-form]' -K mhfile -- scan
compctl -K mhfseq -x 's[+][@]'  -K mhcomp -S / -q - \
  's[-]' -k "(draft header noheader showproc noshowproc)" - \
  'c[-1,showproc]' -c -- show next prev
compctl -K mhfseq -x 's[+][@]' -K mhcomp -S / -q - 's[-]' \
  -k "(help)" -- rmm
compctl -K mhfseq -x 's[+][@]' -K mhcomp -S / -q - \
  's[-]' -k "(after before cc date datefield from help list nolist \
  public nopublic search sequence subject to zero nozero not or and \
  lbrace rbrace)" -- pick
compctl -K mhfseq -x 's[+][@]' -K mhcomp -S / -q - 's[-]' \
  -k "(alias check draft draftfolder draftmessage help nocheck \
  nodraftfolder)" -- whom

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxx>       Tel: +49 33762 77366
WWW:  http://www.ifh.de/~pws/       Fax: +49 33762 77330
Deutches Electronen-Synchrotron --- Institut fuer Hochenergiephysik Zeuthen
DESY-IfH, 15735 Zeuthen, Germany.

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