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compctl for pine

I am trying to setup 'compctl' for use with pine, and another for  
telnet/ftp.  However, I really don't know how compctl works, and  
have never tried to tackle one on my own before.

there's basically two things I want to do:

1) pine [tab]

and 'tab's will run through a list of email addresses.... However,  
I don't know how to setup such a list of email addresses for compctl  
to look for.

2) pine -f [tab]

where 'tab's will list folders found in ~/Mailboxes/pine

I think if I can find out how to do #1 for pine I can figure out  
how to apply that to ftp/telnet.

Would anyone be willing to help me put this together, or refer me  
to some reading materials (especially examples) OTHER than the man  
page, which I read already...



Timothy J. Luoma <luomat@xxxxxxxx>
NeXTMail adored! (MIME/SUN also accepted)
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