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Re: Incompatibility in zsh-3.0-pre3 ?

jarausch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Previous version of ZSH (seem to) admit the syntax
> function cp(){
>    gcp -ip $@}
> Now this is reported as error.
> Changing it to 
> function cp(){
>    gcp -ip $@
> }
> is OK. Is this a buglet in zsh-3.0-pre3 or a feature?

(In Zoltan's absence:)  It's not a bug, and unfortunately I think it's
going to happen a lot --- I've just had a similar experience with the
standard start-up scripts here.  This is due to the change that {, },
and [[ are treated as `reserved words' --- which basically means they
have to appear separately on the command line.  This is for
compatibility (repeat mantra 57 times :-/).

The only good side is that at least your scripts will be more
POSIX-like, even if they are zsh-specific :-/.

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