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Re: [[ -x ]] and root

Hi again,

 I started this thread looking for a way to do a [[ -x file]] while
running as root.  I got responses from this list (Zefram, mostly) to
the effect that access() was improperly functioning under Irix 5.3, as
it was under Linux.  I posted to comp.sys.sgi.bug to find out what they
thought and here are the more useful results....

Response 1:
In article <4sedhv$305q@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, holmes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>  Anyone reported that the access() call in the system library
> behaves improperly with regard to root?  This has been a
> problem for me while writing root scripts under zsh.

Are you confident that zsh uses access(2) in its test -x
implementation?  That would be a mistake, I believe.

The access(2) system call is intended for use by setuid
executables, trying to determine if the real id of the process,
as opposed to the effective, could access a particular file.

Implementations of test -x should stat and look at mode bits.

Response 2:

It's not a problem, it's the way it's designed and supposed
to work.  As Paul says, access() has limited usefulness, and
in my experience, is often misused.

Dave Olson, Silicon Graphics   Guru and busybody at large

So, the folks at SGI think that the test ought to be performed
in a manner other than calling access().  I doubt they are going
to do anything to change the behaviour of access() so, if the zsh
group doesn't change the nature of the test underlying -x, I need
a workaround....  Any takers?



* CJ Holmes, PhD, 			
* Dept Neurology, UCLA School of Medicine, 4238 Reed Bldg, Box 951769
* 710 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1769
* ph 310-206-2101 fx 310-206-5518 email holmes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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