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Re: zsh-3.0.0 under HP-UX 10.10

On Fri, 23 Aug 1996, Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:

> Someone reported that zsh does not compile under HP-UX 10.10 because
> there are some unknown limits, but someone else wrote that for him
> zsh-3.0.0 compiled without problems under HP-UX 10.10.  If you use
> HP-UX 10.10 tell me what compiler you use and tell me if you had
> problems compiling zsh.

I compiled zsh-3.0.0 just yesterday.  For this reason and as it's my first
contact with zsh at all, I won't guarantee that everything is ok, but
technically the compilation went well (i.e. no error messages), and zsh
seems to behave as it should.

The machine is a 9000/712 running under HP-UX 10.10, and the compiler I
used was gcc-2.7.2.


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