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Re: bash like tab tab 's

On Aug 27,  5:31pm, Duncan Sargeant wrote:
} Subject: Re: bash like tab tab 's
} > } I noticed bash's tab tab feature, where pressing tab once
} > } will try to complete a word as per usual, but if it can't, pressing it a 
} > } second time will give a list of commands.
} > 
} > I think you want
} > 
} > setopt autolist listambiguous
} that's does a list after the first TAB.  I was interested in having it
} complete as far as possible first, beep, then (after second TAB) list.

`setopt autolist` lists after the first tab on any ambiguous competion.

If you add `setopt listambiguous` then it completes as far as possible
and lists only if "as far as possible" means "no further".

This is as close as you can get; it saves you having to type the second
tab when the completion is immediately ambiguous, which is (partly) why
it works this way.

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