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Re: bash like tab tab 's

>} In the brief period between installing Linux and changing the default
>} shell to zsh, I noticed bash's tab tab feature, where pressing tab once
>} will try to complete a word as per usual, but if it can't, pressing it a 
>} second time will give a list of commands.

I thought zsh could do this, but I can't find the right combination of
options for it.  I don't actually like the bash behaviour, but we
really ought to be able to emulate it.  Whoever does add this
capability, be very careful -- the logic controlling when the list is
displayed is quite horrendous as it is.

>While we're on the subject of just-noticed features in other shells, I
>just noticed that tcsh's `complete' command can take a glob pattern for
>the name of the command(s) to which the programmable completion should
>apply.  Does anybody think this would be useful enough to add to zsh?

Not as another special case.  But I have some vague plans for a more
general programmable completion mechanism that could allow this among
other things -- I'll post some specific designs (to zsh-workers) in a
few days or so.


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