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Colors (prompts, etc..)

With all the talk here recently of colorizing this and that, I sat down and
worked on a small project that I had been intending to do for a long while

What I have done is not ingenious or clever, yet I am proud of the results
(while using a rxvt/color-xterm) and maybe my time will save someone else
just that.

I too the basic colors and put them into variables:

# Lets set up the necessary colors that we will use elsewhere.
grey="%{$(echo -n '\e[1;30m')%}"
red="%{$(echo -n '\e[1;31m')%}"
green="%{$(echo -n '\e[1;32m')%}"
yellow="%{$(echo -n '\e[1;33m')%}"
blue="%{$(echo -n '\e[1;34m')%}"
magenta="%{$(echo -n '\e[1;35m')%}"
cyan="%{$(echo -n '\e[1;36m')%}"
white="%{$(echo -n '\e[1;37m')%}"
lored="%{$(echo -n '\e[0;31m')%}"
logreen="%{$(echo -n '\e[0;32m')%}"
loyellow="%{$(echo -n '\e[0;33m')%}"
loblue="%{$(echo -n '\e[0;34m')%}"
lomagenta="%{$(echo -n '\e[0;34m')%}"
locyan="%{$(echo -n '\e[0;35m')%}"
lowhite="%{$(echo -n '\e[0;36m')%}"

I use these like this for my prompt:

export prompt="$yellow($blue%n$yellow<$cyan@$yellow>$red%m $yellow($green%/$yellow)$red-$yellow> $white"

While some may consider this prompt too long, or perhaps my color scheme gaudy, 
I find it aesthetically pleasing and the path information absolutely necessary.

Machine name is nice since I work in a multi-machine environment, and userid is
nice since I 'ksu to root' at lot.

Anyhow, here they are - enjoy!


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