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Mailpath notification message

Shouldn't this line:

	export MAILPATH="~/.mailspool/rusty:~/Mail/z?Zsh mail."

			in my .zshenv give me, whenever i return to my
command-line prompt, the message: "Zsh mail." ?

It doesn't. What am i doing wrong? Do i need spaces around the question

>From the zsh man:

 mailpath (MAILPATH) An array (colon-separated list) of filenames to check
                for new mail.  Each filename can be followed by a ? and a
                message that will be printed. The message will undergo
                parameter expansion, command substitution and arithmetic
                substitution with the variable $_ defined as the name of the
                file that has changed. The default message is "You have new
                mail." If an element is a directory instead of a file the
                shell will recursively check every file in every
                subdirectory of the element.

  Rusty Hoover

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author