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Re: null commands...

I wrote:
:Zefram wrote:
::>A lot of programs out there use the system() command on this, which on
::>most machines does "sh" "-c" "arguments".  So people strcat() the filename/s
::>onto the end of the PAGER var and just system() it.
::... which fails horribly when the filename contains any mildly unusual
::characters.  Any program that uses this method is broken.
:If you did: sprintf(buf, "%s '%s'", PAGER, filename) , what unusual
:characters would affect it besides ' ?  And people could check for special
:characters, like ' ,  and quote them in filename.
:Anyway, there are other reasons for not using system()

BTW, Zefram,  it's hard to mail back to you if the mail gets sent back to
the sender:

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