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Re: history commands coming out wrong

Yes. I'm having the screwed up lines all over the place when going through
history.  This problem has existed since 2.6-beta8 or so.  It got fixed for a
release or two (was great in 2.6-beta13) but it appears it's back again.

3.0.0 Sun Solaris 2.4
allexport alwaystoend appendhistory autocd automenu autonamedirs autopushd
nobgnice cdablevars completeinword extendedglob globdots histignoredups
ignoreeof interactive interactivecomments listtypes menucomplete monitor
nonomatch pathdirs pushdignoredups pushdminus pushdsilent pushdtohome
shinstdin zle

 On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Timothy J Luoma wrote:
> zsh-3.0.1 compiled fine, but it is still way too slow when drawing  
> Also, using the UP arrow to go back through history commands ends  
> up with screwed up lines (mangled commands, old and new combined,  
> etc).
> Anyone else having similar problems?
> I'm using Stuart.app 2.6.3+ under NS 3.3 patch1
> TjL, still using 2.6-beta13
Gerald Skerbitz <gsker@xxxxxxxxxxx> U of MN Med School Admin 6-5379
Home St. Paul,Ramsey County,Minnesota, USA

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