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Re: Contrl-Z action.

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Alexey Solovyov wrote:

> Hi, guys,
> It seems to me that the mailing lists are not very popular among zsh
> guys. Or we really have nothing to talk about? 
> But I've got a question. Once I came up why I want to have my job
> suspended by pressing Cntrl-Z ? Ok, I want it to run in background
> right after that. In another words how to (where) redefine action of
> Ctrl-Z?  Any comments why nobody should change it are also very
> welcome.

Ctrl-Z "suspends" the job.  For job control, use:

ps, jobs, bg, fg

commands to move around. :)
Take a look at these... They're quite useful (at least for me... I use it
everyday :P   ).

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