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Re: Contrl-Z action.

On Nov 5,  8:49pm, Alexey Solovyov wrote:
} Subject: Re: Contrl-Z action.
} > :But I've got a question. Once I came up why I want to have my job
} > :suspended by pressing Cntrl-Z ? Ok, I want it to run in background
} > :right after that.
} > 
} > I can't think of a elegant way of doing this automatically without a
} > lot of overhead.
} Thanks, I will probably do it this way though actually I was thinking
} about changing the sources... :)

Eww, don't do that.

} But anyway suggestions about eliminating the second Ctrl-Z are welcome.

    function autobg() {
	jobs -s >| /tmp/j$$
	while read jnum jdesc
	    bg %${${jnum#\[}%\]}
	done < /tmp/j$$
	rm -f /tmp/j$$

    function precmd() {

I really question whether this is the behavior you want, though.  You
might want to change the `bg ...' command in autobg to something like

	case $jdesc in
	(*( vi | vim | *emacs )*) ;;	# Don't autobg any editors,
	(*) bg %${${jnum#\[}%\]} ;;	# but anything else is OK.

or possibly something even more restrictive where you list the things
that you *do* want to autobg rather than those that you don't.

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