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tcsh's autocorrect functionality wanted

I would like to get this tcsh functionality in zsh:

     autocorrect (+)
             If set, the spell-word  editor  command  is  invoked
             automatically before each completion attempt.

Example of tcsh with this option:

sassy:~> cat /ect/pass<tab key pressed>


sassy:~> cat /etc/passwd

It corrected the spelling of "/etc" and then did the filename completion
of "passwd".

If this isn't something that can be done (please add it someone!), then
I'd like to at least get the functionality of "spell-word" combined with
the my current definition of the tab key.

What I was thinking:

function spell-expand-or-complete-prefix {
bindkey ^i spell-expand-or-complete-prefix

But this doesn't work:

sassy:~> bindkey ^i spell-expand-or-complete-prefix
zsh: undefined function: spell-expand-or-complete-prefix

Any ideas on either the autocorrect or bindkey to a custom function?

sassy:~> uname -sr      
SunOS 5.5.1
sassy:~> echo $ZSH_VERSION



Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author