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ANSI zsh?

This usually a function of GNU ls --color=tty.  It is enable by default
on SlackWare Linux using a color terminal.

John Benninghoff

Regarding "ANSI zsh?", Kosh writes:
> Greetings fellow ZSH users,
> I was wondering where I could find ZSH scripts that will colourize the
> shell (ie. have ANSI support, y'know).  I've seen BASH shell screens that
> had executables in "red", directories in "blue", etc.  It makes it easy t=
> o
> see things at a glance when it's in colour. :)  Also, are there any sites
> that have more zsh scripts?  I used the default ones that come with=20
> zsh 3.0.1, and it works wonderfully.  Colour would be a nice touch,
> wouldn't it?  :)
> Thanks for any advice!
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