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Re: Ctrl-Space kills zsh

Aki Vehtari wrote:
:Pressing Ctrl-Space which sends '^@', kills zsh.

Wow, this is a bug I told pf about in the first zsh version 2 about 4 or 5
years ago, which he then fixed.
Isn't it good to see all the old bugs reoccuring :-)

:This problem has been in versions 2.6* and is still in 3.01
:The problem appears only in terminals that processes the
:Ctrl-Space and send '^@' to shell. For example some xterm
:implementations don't send anything to shell when Ctrl-Space
:is pressed and this problem is not appearing there (but there you
:have problem of not being able to use Ctrl-Space for anything).

My xterm requires CTRL-SPACE pressed twice to send it once.

:Is there something wrong with handling 'null'-character ('^@')
:in zsh?  (Or is there some setting that I haven't noticed?)

I can't make this happen.  Can someone who can please send a backtrace.
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