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Re: Suggestions for auto-login script for ZSH?

On Mon, 25 Nov 1996, Richard Coleman wrote:

> > I'm trying to write a script that would allow be to make telnet login (or
> > ftp login) processes automated.  Here's what I tried:
> > 
> > 1. ftp
> > 2. login
> > 3. password
> > 4. get a particular file
> > 5. exit :)
> The problem is that the login process reads the tty directly,
> when getting the password.  No amount of shell redirection can
> get around this.

Actually, I have found that this is not true.  For example, this works
perfectly fine for me:

echo "ftp mywhateverhost
get flotsam.tar
bye" > .tmpfile
telnet myloginhost < .tmpfile > ftp.log

I have seen this used to telnet to port 22 on a random host to sonnect to
sendmail and spoof one's return address. 

For this man, however, that there is a mechanism already created to
do what he needs.  Look up the man page on the .netrc file.  It specifies
this sort of information for ftp depending on the hostname - quite
convenient, and better than this method.  


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