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Re: newgrp

David Chamont wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working in a cluster of HP Unix workstations.
> We make a big use of Unix groups, and the lack of the
> newgrp command is a real obstacle.
> The FAQ trick does not work (alias newgrp="exec newgrp"),
> perhaps because I put zsh as my login shell.

I don't quite understand the problem.  Are you saying you need the new
shell to be a login shell if the old one was?  You could try something
like this:

newgrp () {
  local args;
  [[ -o login ]] && args=-
  exec =newgrp $args $*

If that's what you want I'll change the FAQ.

(Just in case it helps:  if you have changed $SHELL, it looks like
newgrp won't honour it, it will go back to the passwd entry.)

Bonne chance.
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