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zsh 3.0.2 and Alpha/AXP

Does anyone else out there use zsh with Linux for Alpha?  I've been having
some peculiar problems with it.

Under certain conditions--which I have been unable to pin down exactly
(they seem to have something to do with programs exiting abnormally--they
include terminating "last | less" by pressing "q" and running programs
which dump core)--zsh dies with 

Command terminated on signal 11.

when I'm logged in via ssh and a simple

Connection closed by foreign host.

when logged in via telnet.  I'm assuming, based on the error messages,
that zsh is terminating with a SEGV, but I have seen no sign of a core
dump file when zsh is the login shell.  When zsh is launched from another
shell, it dumps core under the same situations, but the other shell (if
not another zsh) survives.

The exact same distribution works flawlessly under Digital Unix 4.0, FWIW.

Can anyone point me to a possible fix, or even cause?  I'm running Redhat
4.0, kernel 2.0.18.

Many thanks in advance,

Dave Krinsky.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author