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Re: Equivalent of tcsh dabbrev-expand?

TGAPE! (tgape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> history-beginning-search-backwards works for me...  It does what you
> want, it's documented, I don't know what more you could ask
> for...

Actually it's not at all what I want.  Looking back at my
original post I see that maybe I didn't make it quite clear
enough what tcsh's dabbrev-expand function does - it expands
/words/ from the history not whole lines.  I already use
history-beginning-search-backwards lots (M-p and M-/ were my two
most commonly used key-presses in tcsh!) but the functionality
of dabbrev-expand is quite different and very useful in its own

> Before you claim functionality isn't there, you might try looking at
> zshall - sure, it's huge, but zsh isn't necessarily organized the way
> you think it is.

Oh believe me, I've looked at zshall!  In fact, I've looked in
great detail at every zsh man page, and I'm pretty much
convinced that there's currently no way of implementing
dabbrev-expand short of modifying the code (which is probably
what I'll do :-).

Thanks for your input anyway.

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