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Re: misc compctl

Since we're all mentioning our little tricks.  Here is what i use:

autoload createcomphosts
compctl -K createcomphosts telnet rsh rup ping traceroute ssh xrsh

function createcomphosts()
   if [ $comphost"X" = "X" ]; then
      comphost=(`ypcat netgroup | cut -d, -f 1 | cut -c2-` other hosts
                not in netgroup map )
      reply=( $comphost )
      reply=( $comphost )

Since our netgroup map is quite large (3569 hosts).  This is dynamic
enough and is only created on first completion and doesn't bloat all
the shells.

Although I do get a strange error sometimes which I haven't entirely
looked into, but I'll get an error about "zsh: condition expected:

Another strange behavior is when I use the push-line feature and bind
ctrl-p to it.  Now when I first type a line and hit ctrl-p it'll push
the command I was working on away as designed.  But say I start
scrolling through the history then ctrl-p become previous history.

thank you drive through,

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