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Re: Completion on cd

On Jan 28,  3:26pm, B.Stephens@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> > This is one of the main things I miss from tcsh. I'm hoping those
> > recent patches have sorted this one out but I haven't yet compiled
> > that version of zsh. 
> Yes.
> compctl -/ cd
> completes only directories, even beyond the first level.

Brilliant. These patches are in the recent 3.1.2-zefram version aren't
they? I'll have to compile it.

On Jan 28,  4:25pm, adam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> > cd [tab]
> > -- all non directories listed - good.
> I'm sure I'm being stupid, but why on earth would you want
> non-directories listed here?  Surely you would only want
> directories (named or otherwise) and symbolic links to
> directories listed?

I think I meant to say "all non-hidden (i.e., starting with ".") 
directories. So it was me being stupid by not reading through what I'd
written before sending it.


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