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Re: (one more) Completion question

borsenkow.msk@xxxxxx said:
> Is it possible to reject current alt completion and move on to the
> next? That is, suppose with the following:

> compctl -S / -q  -g '*(-/^D)' +  -g '*(-/D)' +  -K cdmatch cd

> if I happen to have zoo in current durectory, I would like to tell
> "no, I want zsh in ~/src"?

On a kind of related request.  I use one of the cdmatch scripts, so that cd 
(and pushd) complete to directories taking account of the possibility of 

I'd like the completion to be a bit stickier: I quite often find myself 
changing to some utterly uninteresting directory because there happens to be a 
directory "~/src" or something, when what I really wanted was "srcs" under the 
current directory (but of course I pressed Return too quickly).

It's not too annoying though (I can always use popd), and I'm not even sure 
what behaviour I'd like, exactly.  Perhaps the above requested behaviour would 
work: I could have cd complete first to subdirectories of the current 
directory, and only then to things under directories in cdpath?

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