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Unidentified subject!

>From opk101 Sun Feb  1 14:37:39 1998
From: opk101@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Oliver Kiddle)
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 14:37:39 +0000
In-Reply-To: borsenkow.msk@xxxxxx
       "Re: Completion on cd" (Feb  1, 12:53pm)
To: zsh-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Completion on cd

On Feb 1, 12:53pm, borsenkow.msk@xxxxxx wrote:

> On Fri, 30 Jan 1998, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> > % cd .netscape/[tab]
> >  -- All the *files* and directories in .netscape/ (not starting ".") are
> >  -- listed! I'd have expected it to complete to "cd .netscape/plugins/"

> I cannot reproduce it. compctl -/ cd correctly lists only directories,
> with or without . May be, it depends on some options settings; try zsh -f.

I ran zsh -f, put the cd compctl in and found the problem did not exist. 
I then added everything in my setup files a block at a time, checking
for the problem after each block so that I could try to determine where
the problem was being introduced.

I tracked the problem down to this line:

compctl -Tx 'C[0,*/*]' -f - 's[~]' -k users -S/ \
        - 'c[-1,-display]' -k hostnames -S':0 '

My first thought was that I had done something stupid when writing this
compctl but the troublesome part of it (the first line) was taken
directly from the Z Shell Guide (Edition 2.1.10, Chapter 18, Page 89 or
Edition 3.1.1, Chapter 19, Page 95)

There are a few thousand users at the university so I want this
completion to I attempted to find a better solution. My solution was
the following:

compctl -Tx 's[~] C[0,[^/]#]' -k users -S/

There may well be a problem with this though it seems to work and I
can't see any nasty suprises but I would strongly suggest that the
manual is changed so that nobody else has this problem. 

Note that the problem with cd ..[tab] beeping as opposed to completing
to cd ../ is still there.

Oliver Kiddle

PS Ignore my comment about the patch for the -Y option in my last
e-mail: when testing it I had forgotten that I was still running zsh
3.0.1 from an earlier test.

/  \|.   _ _  |_/. _| _|| _     E-mail: opk101@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
\__/||\/(-|   | \|(_|(_||(-        Web: http://www.york.ac.uk/~opk101/

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