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Re: completion and history

Mircea Damian <dmircea@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
:On Sun, Mar 01, 1998 at 09:12:09PM +0100, Jimmy Mäkelä wrote:
:> And how do i get the appendhistory thing to work, what have i done wrong:
:> % grep HIST .zshrc
:> HISTFILE=.zshistory
:> % ls -o .zshistory
:> -rw-------   1 jmy             0 Feb 23 20:16 .zshistory
:> % grep setopt .zshrc|grep hist
:> setopt   correctall autocd longlistjobs nobeep automenu appendhistory
:> setopt   autoresume histignoredups pushdsilent noclobber
:I do have the same problem(?) with history.
:I'm using zsh 3.0.5.
:setopt appendhistory nobgnice correctall extendedhistory histnostore listtypes
:setopt setopt histignoredups histignorespace nobeep autocd autolist nonomatch

Use a pathname when you initialise HISTFILE: ``HISTFILE=~/.zhistory''

: How do I make TAB to work in the same way that it does in bash? (2x<TAB>
:gives a list of possible completions)

RTFM, zsh_options.  Look for AUTO_MENU and MENU_COMPLETE
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