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Re: pine -f completion help needed

Timothy J Luoma wrote:
> the '-f' flag to pine is used to open a specific mailbox (flatfile) in a  
> certain directory.
> The directory in my case is $Home/Unix/pine/mail/
> What's the correct 'compctl' for that sort of thing?

The `correct' thing is probably to get hold of Zefram's version of
zsh-3.1.2 which allows `-W $home/Unix/pine/mail -f' (-W stands for
with-directory, be thankful there's anything left for it to stand for
:-/).  The full thing probably looks like

compctl -x 'c[-1-f]' -W $home/Unix/pine/mail -f -- pine

There were some build problems in that version, for which patches
exist: Zefram's hinted there may be another semi-official version
along, so it might be worth waiting --- and it might be worth giving a
new such version greater prominance, if possible, since the basic
3.1.2 is getting distinctly out of date for beta-testing.

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