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I have just a small question to ask:
My default shell is /usr/local/bin/zsh.

First the key bindings are:

"^@"    set-mark-command
"^A"    beginning-of-line
"^B"    backward-char
"^C"    undefined-key
"^D"    delete-char-or-list
"^E"    end-of-line
"^F"    forward-char
"^G"    send-break
"^H"    backward-delete-char
"^I"    expand-or-complete
"^J"    accept-line
"^K"    kill-line

<skip some lines>

"^[w"   copy-region-as-kill
"^[x"   execute-named-cmd
"^[y"   yank-pop
"^[z"   execute-last-named-cmd
"^[|"   vi-goto-column
"^[^?"  backward-kill-word

After that if I launch zsh again the bindings are a lot shorter. I'm used
to press ^A and ^E to go to the beginning of line or at the end. These
sequences are not mapped anymore.

Is there any solution to resolve this except binding every key in my .zshrc
or .zprofile(or anything like that)?

PS: I noticed that since I started to use screen. Anyway there isn't any
connection between screen and zsh (see the example above when I didn't use

Mircea Damian
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