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Re: disappearing zsh's

On Mar 10,  9:07pm, Mircea Damian wrote:
} Subject: Re: disappearing zsh's
} I've got it today. My zsh exited again (without my will). This is the
} output:
} -->start here<--
} Last login: Tue Mar 10 20:43:01 1998 from pop3.kappa.ro
} Linux 2.0.33.
} You have new mail.
} dmircea@mail:/home/dmircea% mutt
} /etc/zlogout: command not found: utt
} Logout
} Connection to secu closed.
} --> end here <--

Looks like a tty problem.  There are several possibilities:

1.  Zsh ought to be getting compiled with TTY_NEEDS_DRAINING defined the
    opposite way, but configure messed up.

2.  The terminal is improperly getting set to do non-blocking reads, and
    the relatively new code in zsh to deal with that is still not working
    in all cases.

3.  Some other process is still attached to your terminal and is stealing
    input from zsh.  It may be a process that was started in some other
    login session, even by some other user.

4.  Some combination of (2) and (3), e.g. the other process isn't stealing
    input, but it's messing up the terminal settings so zsh can't read it.

5.  Something I haven't thought of. :-)

I'd look for (3) and (4) first.

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