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Re: ideas

On Mar 18, 12:03am, Quinn Dunkan wrote:
} Subject: ideas
} ${...#...} and ${...%...} chop things off the begginning or ends
} of variables, and I've wondered why there isn't something like
} ${i:s/foo/bar} to replace foo in $i with bar. With ${(S)...%...}
} one can chop things out of the center of a variable, but what if
} you want to replace it with soething else?

In addition to ${var}(:s/foo/bar/) [which BTW in 3.0.5 requires the
trailing / to work correctly, a bug] there's always


Or even


In which case the removed portion is


} Actually, it would be even better if you could put in a regexp.

How often is a glob pattern not sufficient?  With extendedglob, you
can write almost any regexp as a glob.  The big thing you lose is the
ability to substitute the matches for sub-patterns of the regexp into
the replacement.

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