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Re: Zsh question (more smileys in the prompt)

On Wed, 25 Mar 1998, Andrew Main wrote:

> >Benbar came up with the amusing idea of making the smiley prompt change
> >randomly every time I hit return (or even change to something that
> >reflects the load of the machine).
> Cool idea.

And OLD idea too :-)  I've already had such a prompt for the last
three years, which includes the output from the original 'smiley'-PROGRAM!

If somebody is really interested, mail me, but I'll have to fish the parts
smiley-parts out of my prompting mechanism from diverse files (It might
need a while :-)

I also have a mechanism to 'sometimes' print system-information 
before my promts, because I supervise more than one system... 

AND I have a problem with LINUX-console color-prompts which 
on being redrawn by (eg.: ^L at the top of the screen)
loose a blank and then edit of by one (no idea where this comes from).

Any ideas how %{...ansi-color-sequences...} might differ in length
between the first time it is done (_typed_) and all the latter times
when it's _redrawn_ to be edited ?


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