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Re: The Zsh HomePage

>>>>> "zsh" == zsh  <zsh@xxxxxxxx> writes:

zsh> Speaking of which: Graduation is in May.  I can guarantee that
zsh> I'll be around until the end of June, but after that the ZSH
zsh> homepages will need a new home site.

zsh> I saw a message on zsh-workers of a new distribution site for new
zsh> releases.... perhaps the pages could be moved there?  I can make
zsh> a tarball of what I have and ftp them from PEAK if someone wants
zsh> to take over.

If it can be any help, then we (SunSITE Denmark) would be more than
happy to provide free space for both web pages, distribution (ftp) and
the mailinglists and what else might be required. We do that in
advance with many GNU and Linux projects, so it's trivial to add
another project. We have a lot of resources available to projects like
Infoseek searchengine, newsgroups (if that is prefered over
mailinglists) and even CVS servers for distributed development.

We do mirror zsh in advance.

Let me know, if we can help!

SunSITE Denmark manager

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