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Re: backing up with zsh

Rob Windsor wrote:
> Verily did Sven Guckes write:
>> I am trying to use the zsh to back my webpages.
>> I just want to backup text files, ie no pictures.
>> They webpages all reside in "~/.P".  The pictures are within ~/.P/pics/ -
>> excluding this one dir is not a problem, but the problem is that some of
>> the pictures are scattered across the subdir of ~/.P still.
>> How do I exclude these pictures?
>> Possible filename extensions for pictures are:  bmp gif jpg jpeg
>> But how do I specify these as case insensitive?
>> Do I have to list all possible combinations of upper- and lowercase spelling?
>> I may also need a restriction for file size (for all files), say 100K at
>> most.
> possibly.
> A good start would be:
> cd ~/.P ; find . -type f \! \( -name '*.gif' -a -name '*.jpg' -a -name '*.jpeg' -a -name '*.bmp' \) -print | xargs cvvzf /tmp/guckes.web.980417.tar.gz

A better start would be:

gtar czf /tmp/guckes.web.980417.tgz `cd ~/.P; find *(D) \! -type d -size 101k \
 \! \( -iname '*.gif' -o -iname '*.jpg' -o -iname '*.jpeg' -o \
 -iname '*.bmp' \) -print`

Also, this is larger (though more efficient, I hate to admit) than the

gtar czf /tmp/guckes.web.19980418.tgz \

which is already fairly insane.  (Of course, I use find jobs more
complicated than that every few months or so.  However, I'm trying to
get some stars for my blue pointy hat.)

cd ~/.P;for x in **/*(DL-102401^/)
	if [ $(file $x |grep -c picture) -eq 0 ]; then
		tar cf - $x
done | gzip -9 > /tmp/guckes.web.`date +%Y%m%d`.tgz

would be much more general; it's more keystrokes, though, and it'll run
slower than a siamese cat pulling a 1-ton stone block up a pyramid.
(Well, OK, maybe not *quite* that slow, but pretty damn slow.)

zsh is fairly resistant to the 'line too long' problem, it takes a
fairly large expansion to trigger it, and some cases appears to be
completely licked.

If you really need multiple v options to gtar, I'm not the guy you need
to talk to, I don't have a couch.

~/.P;for x in **/*(D)
	if [ $x != ${x#pics} && $(file $x | grep -c picture) -gt 0 ]; then
		ln $x $n
		for y in **/*(D.)
			sed "s@$x@$n@g" $y > /tmp/nopics.$$
			mv /tmp/nopics.$$ $y
		rm $x

should go a long way to moving all your pictures and fixing your links.
Other people's links, however, are another matter.  I would suggest
backing up your webpage (probably including pictures this time) before
hazarding it.  (If you're curious about the ln followed by rm, I work in
a 24x7x365 environment, where second outages can be costly.)


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