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The next millionaires will be created at...


Fast Trac

Cellular Phones, Pre-Paid Calling Cards 
and more.  All for FREE with our program!!!  

Check it out.  That's all we ask. 
It's not just another deal.  This opportunity is real!

Only $69. one time out-of-pocket!
Unlimited $500. checks - FedEx daily!
Explosive front end and huge back end residual!

We'll show you how to bulk this program with your 
very own Express Mail Server that you'll receive 
for FREE when you become a member of our 
organization.  You'll also get a self-replicating Web
page for FREE along with several other tools.

Our 2 step system is simple...

Step 1-  Call:  1-800-600-0343  Ext.1298 or visit our
website at: http://fasttrac-inc.com
If busy, please try:
1-800-600-0343  Ext.1966

Step 2-  Contact me at my home 
number:  1-905-899-3822.  

It's that simple.
Thanks for your time and 

Your friend,


PS  We give away cellular phones and show people 
how to never pay for cellular phone service
(of course legally).  

PPS  If you were looking for hype, sorry- wrong 

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