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Re: Where should we put the ZSH Web page?

FWIW I'd love to see a www.zsh.org where one can find:

	source code
	mailing list archives
	developer patches, etc
	web pages
	etc etc etc
That main page could be mirrored globally (it needn't be in the USA, that  
domain name was for example only).

I think it would be to an advantage if ZSH could have one main & stable  
site, where anyone interested in helping could remotely login.

Patches could be submitted via email and procmail.

The FAQ could be auto-decoded and put into place with procmail (from  
wherever Peter or whoever else resides).

Mailing lists could be archived with hypermail and procmail (or some other).

ZSH has a lot of great support, but the non-localization does make it more  
difficult IMO.

But then again I prefer FreeBSD over Linux, so this may just be the way I  
think is best ;-)


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author