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csplit: 100 file limit reached at arg {9999}

	i'm trying to write a script to convert pegasus mail-style
mailboxes into the normal unix mbox format, and am having a few problems,
at least one of which i think is shell-related.  i want to use formail to
reformat each message, but since pmail uses the ^Z char as its message
delimiter, formail only sees one large message per mailbox, so i'm now
trying to find a way to split out the messages and pass each one to
formail separately.  someone pointed me to csplit for that, and as far
as i can tell, it's what i want:
$ csplit -sk -n4 pmailbox.PMM /$ZZZ/ {9999}
, where ZZZ is defined as the ^Z char (which i had to do because the
telnet program i'm currently using interprets the ^Z as a suspend, even
if i precede it with a ^V to escape it for the shell), should create a
new file for each message in pmailbox.PMM, up to 9999 of them.  instead,
i get 100 messages split out, and then csplit returns the error in my
subject line.  is this a shell or kernel paramater (i think i read somewhere 
about a max # of files that a single process could create), or something
else entirely?

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author