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Re: WinNT zsh, minor problems

ric hotchkiss wrote:
>1. When using the read I get no echo of the characters typed in.
>   Is there a way to get the characters echoed as they are typed?

Under Unix, that's the tty's job, not the shell.  Does NT not have such
a device?

>2. When running awk/gawk double quotes inside a single quoted script get
>   unless quoted with backslash. I am trying to write code for both WinNT and 
>   UNIX, \" does not work on UNIX and " does not work for WinNT.

Unless the zsh port in question has been modified to do this, it seems
most likely that it is the command in question, rather than zsh, that is
fiddling with the quoting.  I'm not familiar with NT, but I do know that
under DOS and Win95 it is up to each program to handle quoting of its
own arguments.  Throwing a Unix-convention program into that environment
is unsurprisingly problematic.  If this is the case then the execve()
syscall should be modified to add quoting.


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