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Re: completion control for "man" command

On Mon, Jun 15, 1998 at 02:18:59AM +0200, Sven Guckes wrote:

> Quoting Thomas Köhler (jean-luc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx):
> > I use the following for man completion. It uses a file ~/tmp/_man_ which
> > stores the filenames in question. If you don't like your loginshell to
> > wait for the creation of the file every now and then (I use 14 days)
> > because it creates the _man_-file, just make a cronjob out of this...
> Well, I wouldn't want my completion control to rely on the existence of a file
> in /tmp - after all everybody at our site is allowed to delete files in /tmp.
> :-/

That's why I use ~/tmp ;-) See the difference? :-)

> Besides, I wouldn't want to set up a cron job for this, either.

Well, I have that in my .zshrc, no cronjob needed. But then, sometimes
the creating of the list when logging in is annoying...

> Now, if I can get our sysadmin (hi, Stucki) to create a little database
> on man pages (with a cronjob or whatever) - that's fine. And, yes, I do
> believe this job can be done with the help of awk, sed, and perl.  ;-)

Or zsh ;-)

> But aren't we discussing the zsh here?  Shouldn't there be a way to do
> the job with the zsh alone?   I'd rather see an elegant solution with
> a few commands within the zsh than a perfomant database solution with
> SAP's R/3 using a Alpha with 4G RAM.  ;-)

Well... my completion was written within 3 minutes and I didn't test how
long it would take to find all the manpages on-the-fly. But if I think
how long it takes to build the file (some seconds), I think it's too
slow to run every time I need the completion...

> Also, I wouldn't mind some more examples in the zsh manuals...

OK, acknowledged :)

> Sven  [who promises to add all his zsh examples to his zsh page SOON]

tips.html is pretty cool :-)
compctl.html should have more explanations, but is OK :)

Thomas [still not having a zsh page]

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